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Statpack is total packaging. Every day, we live up to that responsibility by putting all of our passion, knowledge and experience into improving packaging through outstanding and innovative technology that puts you first. We dedicate our efforts to those who depend on our technology the region over, and to a better packaging future.

Statpack is a leader in the field of packaging, household, auto care and consumer products and in the coming year, we will celebrate 25 years of Statpack brand. Our 250 plus employees in the East African region are central to our long success story. We are present in more than 8 countries where we maintain sales and services organization in all of them.

The company operates a quality and safety management system based on ISO 9001:2008 International Standard and BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. We are committed to manufacturing and supplying quality, safe and legally compliant packaging materials, systems and services that meet and/or exceed customer needs and expectations.


Our highly qualified administrative professionals offer a wide range of skills for our clients as well as for our internal projects and operational managers. Additionally, we provide highly trained and experienced professionals who support our internal business units, allowing Statpack's core staff to focus on our customers requirements. These areas include Contracts Administration, Procurement, Human Resource Management, Employee Advocacy, Recruiting, and Facilities, Safety, and Security Management.


Statpack management encouraged the formation of the SACCO (Savings and Credit Co-operative) as a way to help employees improve and develop themselves economically. We all save an agreed upon amount of money in a common pool out of which loans can be given calculated as per individual contribution. Members are also paid dividends further enhancing personal development.


Using our companies model of operations, employees know what they have to do, when it must be done and who needs to do it. And information is not just stuck either : using our integrated internal technology system, our team is well versed to handle daily company and logistical operations.


We believe that education is a cherished commodity. Statpack Industries recognizes that without an educated nation, the future of our country as a whole is at stake. With this in mind we started a foundation which assists staff members with school fees for their children have shown academic excellence.


All employees are well trained and educated on General Moral Imperatives, Moral Specific Responsibilities, Organizational Leadership Imperatives and Compliance to the code of company ethics.


Constant introduction of new technologically advanced products within the coding product line.

We Offer A Suite Of Quality Packaging Solutions

We have extensive experience in packaging solutions and a well established name with our part vendors. This will eliminate all your component for replacement headaches. Our people offer quality services ranging from general maintenance to complete overhauls, and we team with our customers by conducting on-sight workshops and responding to requests and emergencies 24 hours per day..

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Our Mission

Be the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality packaging products in East and Central Africa and other regions.

Our Vision

Satisfy our customers by manufacturing and supplying quality self adhesive tapes, packaging systems and services in accordance with customers requirements.

Our Goal

Satisfy customers by supplying them with affordable high quality packaging products and service