Statpack Minebea-intec Partnership
Imagine taking a bite of your favorite food and as you start to chew, your teeth painfully clamp down on a piece of metal that managed to evade the watchful eyes of those who were doing the packing. Foreign bodies can cause food to be unsafe and offensive to the consumer. During the processing and packaging process, foreign debris including pins, bits of plastic amongst others may find their way into the final packaged product.  The unimaginable pain, both physical and financial, of a chipped tooth or pierced gum is just too horrible to fathom. Increased competition and availability of many products in the market place has made the modern consumer more discerning of what is available. This is especially true for packaged foods, beverages and pharmaceutical items. Product safety is therefore a key consideration that greatly enhances the purchasing decision. Yet, the reality of the situation is that it is not always possible for the human eye to detect impurities especially in a busy production line thus directly impacting on product safety. However, we are offering you a solution to this! We have entered a partnership agreement with Germany’s Minebea Intec that will see us become the authorized distributor providing Sales and Service Support of foreign body detectors, check-weighers, floor and bench scales within Kenya.  The metal detectors will offer protection for expensive production equipment in various industries, including: chemical, plastics, recycling, rubber, wood, power plants, mining, tobacco and clay while the X-ray inspection can be used for packaged food, bottles, cans, jars amongst other applications. Furthermore, these devices will be used to protect end users from coming in contact with foreign bodies and metals during consumption, making daily life safer.
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