Food Packaging Solutions

We offer various food packaging methods which are cost-effective and convenient to keep food clean through our Statwrap foils and cling films, aluminium food containers and vacuum bags.
Meets international standards, convenient to use, strong and is made up of high quality material.
Can be used for:
– cooking, storing, wrapping or roasting
– lining cookie sheets/baking pans/charcoal grills
– catching oven spills
– freezing.

A cost-effective and convenient storage method is used to pack food efficiently and inexpensively.
It protects meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, fruits and dairy products from micro-organisms that breed quickly when food is left uncovered. Food wrapped in cling film, maintains its freshness and looks appealing at the point of sale.
i)    Household cling film – preferable for home usage
ii)    Perforated cling film – suitable for industrial use as its perforations allow for prolonged freshness. Mainly used in the horticultural industry for export purposes.

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