Strapping Solutions

Strapping is light, flexible and versatile. Strapping rolls offer greatest elongation as it moulds onto contours of odd-shaped or irregular shaped packages due to its flexibility. Vertical and horizontal strapping can be achieved.
Strapping rolls are made of superior material using the latest technology and can be customised with flexo printing.

Related Product

 Strapping Tools:
This is applied using a lithium battery operated strapping tool with adjustable functioning mode according to operation either automatic, semi automatic or manual.
The machine offers fast, stable heating and secure joining result.
– Used to pack goods, such as books, magazines, cardboard boxes, postal parcels and other bundled package.

Made of high tenacity polyester yarn that does not spring back when cut, Narrostrapping greatly reduces the need for wood blocking and bracing.  It conforms to any shape and will not damage product edges.
Narrostrapping can be used to strap
– drums, doors, rafters, pallets, flat glass, windscreens, machinery, equipment,  pipes, galvanizers, animal hides, meat carcasses, shipping crates, scaffolds, pre-cast and concrete products.

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