Taping Solutions

Double Sided Tissue Tape
Holds and joins light weight items for long-term mounting, fixing and laminating due to the powerful adhesion.
Our Bioxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) packing tapes are strong with superb tack can withstand extremes of temperature and pressure. The tapes are available plain or coloured.
– can be printed in up to 3 colours
– offer attractive and affordable advertising method
– promotes brand awareness
– offer easy identification,
– prevent pilferage and reduces tampering

General Masking Tapes are made of easy-to-tear weak adhesive crepe paper that allows tape to be removed without stripping off newly applied paint
– used in areas to protect against light solvent paints or primer
– used to hold, bundle, seal and non-critical masking applications
Special Masking Tapes:
– Ideal for application where lower tack is required.
– used to temporarily fix stencils.

Speciality tapes are pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for a wide variety of assembly, bonding, mounting, sealing and protection applications.

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