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specialty tape


Double Sided Tissue Tape

Holds and joins light weight items for long-term mounting, fixing and laminating due to the powerful adhesion. Uses textile, advertising and binding industry.

Double Sided Splicing Tape

These tapes can withstand high temperatures. Uses joining films, paper-printing industry, making joints in corrugation industry.

Cushion Plate Mounting Tape

It has excellent resistance to lifting on press allowing for easy and clean plate removal. Uses; mounting flexographic print plates to cylinders or sleeves.

Cloth Tape

Speciality tapes are pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for a wide variety of assembly, bonding, mounting, sealing and protection applications.

Double Sided Foam Tape

These are great for bonding materials with different textures, uneven surfaces or non-uniform joints. Uses fixing name plates and signs. Bonding over holes and voids. Sound and vibration dampening.

Glazing Tape

Glazing tape is a grade polyethylene foam, designed specifically for adhesive coating applications. Uses vehicle industry and glass industry

Duct Tapes

These tapes are durable with a sturdy water resistant backing. The tape is also flexible and tear-resistant. Uses sealing and repairs, mounting cables, bonding of plastic, ceramic or metals.

Security Void tapes

These tapes have strong adhesion that reveals a hidden graphic and tamper evident message when peeled. Uses sealing/protection of packages. Safeguarding of carton packages.

Electrical Insulating Tapes

This is a safety tape for wires and cables that conduct electricity.

Uses insulation, joining/packaging of wires. Floor making and paint masking

Barricade Tapes

This lightweight tapes is made with durable plastic material. Suitable for areas with possible hazards, construction sites etc

PE Protection Tapes

Used to protect surfaces from scratch.

Aluminium Foil Tapes

These are rubber based coated pressure sensitive adhesive tapes that
provide excellent barrier to vapour and conforms to irregular surfaces. EG seams and joints of

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